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007 Goon Squad What Dat 7 Like Loc

Andre Nickatina – Comb My Hair Like

if you want any nickatina songs uploaded just comment one of my videos.

40 Glocc On Why Goons Took Tyga’s Chain! Actin Like He Was Gang Bangin

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Spice 1- Smoke ‘em Like a Blunt

Lyrics: (Spice 1) Chill man Them niggas don’t understand man They don’t understand about me Bloaw, they got my glock man, me.. You wanna hear me trip you wanna hear me trigger man You wanna hear that sh*t go bloaw? KnowI’msayin we do it like that man We got me glock and all that sh*t [...]

Goldy – “Nuthin’ Like a Tramp” (1994) The Dangerous Crew

The Dangerous Crew is a rap group formed by Oakland, California rapper Too Short. One of the first rap groups after The Roots to use live instrumentation, they were introduced to the masses in 1992 on the Shorty the Pimp album. The Dangerous Crew consisted of both live musicians and rappers: Shorty B (bass, guitar, [...]