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Tupac The Lost Tapes Interview in Prison Pt 1

This is a lost interview of The Late Tupac Shakur in Macon Penitentiary, Speaking about jail and living the “Thug Life” it is a very telling, and good look at Tupac as a person not as a Rapper. RIP Tupac

Eminem 50 Cent Dr. Dre Interview 2002

makin money

Dr Dre – Big Boy’s Neighborhood Interview 11/16/2010 Speaks On New Single Kush,Plans 2 Tour 2011

Doc speaking on the new single “Kush” and the album ‘Detox’

BLACK EYED PEAS live @ TV Total / Germany – Talk / Interview

BLACK EYED PEAS live @ TV Total / Germany; with the popular Presenter Stefan Raab. 19.05.2005

The Game Start’s Crying In Interview When Asked About Sean Bell Incident & Info On LAX Album

The Game Start’s Crying When Asked About Sean Bell, His Career, New Album LAX, The State Of Hip Hop.