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J. Cole Honored In North Carolina

Rapper’s Hometown Celebrates His Success6:00AM ET February 29th, 2012Contributor : Chris G. A Rocky Williform Company Rapper J. Cole is being honored in his hometown of Fayetteville, North Carolina. The Roc Nation star, who broke through big in 2011, is being given a huge party and his own weekend–dubbed “Dreamville Weekend.” Thursday, March 1st will [...]

Wiz Khalifa Aims For Big Money

”I’m Going To Make $100 Million This Year”6:00AM ET February 29th, 2012Contributor : Erica Moore A Rocky Williform Company Rapper Wiz Khalifa may have made the Forbes Hip Hop Cash Kings List last year with $11 million in earnings, but the Pittsburgh native says that’s small potatoes compared to where he’s aiming to be by [...]

Man Murdered Outside Rick Ross’ Home

Man Found Shot In Front of Rapper’s Mansion1:30PM ET February 29th, 2012Contributor : Stephen Willis A Rocky Williform Company The police are investigating the murder of a man outside the home of hip hop superstar Rick Ross. A 40-year-old man was shot in front of the Miami, Florida home earlier this morning (February 29.) Ross [...]

Kreayshawn Reveals Album Title

Rapper Announces ”Somethin’ Bout Kreay”1:30PM ET February 29th, 2012Contributor : Rayna Dean A Rocky Williform Company Pop rapper Kreayshawn has finally announced the title for her upcoming debut album. The Oakland native has been working on the project for months, but has been relatively quiet about the details–before posting on Twitter the project’s official name. [...]

Frank Ocean Faces Eagles Lawsuit

Classic Rock Band Balks Over ”Hotel California” Sample4:00PM ET February 29th, 2012Contributor : Chris G. A Rocky Williform Company Singer Frank Ocean is could be sued over his use of the Eagles’ hit “Hotel California” on his track “American Wedding.” The song was included on Ocean’s “Nostalgia/Ultra” mixtape. Eagles drummer/singer Don Henley has threatened to [...]