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Miss California! Gay Marriage! Auto-Tune the News #2!

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE MP3: Click “more info” to see the lyrics! Michael Gregory mixes it up with Miss California, Newt Gingrich, Hillary Clinton, Gay Marriage, and Weed. His channel here: Lyrics: You gotta do it like this. Shawty, ready, set, go! RM: This was a pretty remarkable week on the gay [...]

GTA San Andreas Instrumental Theme

Instrumental version of GTA San Andreas theme. Enjoy!!!! Copyrighted by Rockstar

GTA:San Andreas Theme Song(Lyrics)

Welcome to San Andreas I’m CJ from Grove St. Land of the heinous gang bangers and cold heat. In Los Santos neighbors get no sleep beefing with anybody competing even police. Four deep in a green rag wit gold feet blast with the flag on the strap that’s OG. Stay in shape hit the gym [...]

gta12 2010-04-15 21-15-25-12.mpeg

GTA San Andreas – 1 Opening Trailer (HQ)

GTA San Andres – 1 Opening Trailer The Original.