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Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness – Vaughn Yellow Heart Cutscene #1

Leader of the Pack Requirements – Walk from the Mountain to the Forest – 10:00 am to 6:00 pm – Sunny, Clear, or Cloudy weather – Thursday only – Vaughn at or above a yellow heart color – Have answered correctly in the Blue Heart Cutscene #1 The emulator I’m using isn’t perfect, so that’s [...]

Sonic unleashed: “Shamar Adventure Pack Downloadable Content” Night Act 2 (Xbox 360)

So this is the Beta/Dlc area we found in Arid sands Night act 1, but this is the full thing. This is part of the “Apotos & Shamar” DLC, if you’re looking for Apotos it’s Already uploaded.FAQ: (Read them before Asking a question) ———————————- Q: What does “DLC” stand for? A: DLC stands for “Downloadable [...]

North Face Terra 40 Backpack Review

As expected from a reputable company like North Face, the Terra 40 is functional , durable backpack that is just waiting for hard use on the road. This particular pack is an older model but can still be found on sale at North Face Outlets and Major Backpacking Retailers for approx $50-60. It features: – [...]

Chris Jericho Theme – Break Down the Walls

Break Down the Walls by Jim Johnston and Adam Morenoff . This is the full version of Break Down the Walls. The official theme song of the WWE wrestler Chris Jericho, also known as Y2J. Watch in HD!!! Lyrics: Cmon Jericho, You know I got ya, yeah Break the walls down Break down the walls [...]

Fourplay – Let’s Touch The Sky EPK

Sometimes you have to shake things up, push a little farther, reach a little higher — even when you’re a contemporary jazz foursome that’s been operating at the top of its collective game for two decades. After twenty years and a dozen albums, in an industry that has undergone sweeping transformations in the past decade, [...]