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Advancing Green Building 2009 Interns

Gaby and Ukeme, two of the interns in Second Nature and The Kresge Foundation’s Advancing Green Building in Higher Education Initiative discuss their experiences working for Second Nature and promoting green building at under resourced higher education institutions.

The ‘Praise the Lord’ Challenge Met

Hello Mike Mickey(sp?), Since you are the one uploading these videos on behalf of the people without cameras; then can you please forward this response to “Brother Todd”? I do not require a video response, unless it is from “Brother Todd” himself. Oh, and I noticed that he was holding the KJ study bible(which comes [...]


From the Kaiser Family Foundation – This video explores the powerful force that media can be in the lives of teens and tweens. The three young people who are profiled explain what types of media they use—such as smart phones, computers, TV, video games—how much time they spend with media and what impact it has [...]

A tribute to Kyle Reese Part 2

A tribute to Kyle Reese Part 2

My Super Bowl XLVI (44) Announcement

This my announcement for the Super Bowl 44.The Super Bowl 44 is Indianapolis Colts VS. New Orleans Saints.Please check back in the this description soon for the offical score of the game.Or check in the video responce for the offical score video.And so far the Saints have 0 and the Colts have 10 for the [...]