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Schaffer the Darklord Live at The Haunt in Ithaca, NY

Part of the song “Cat People”. Performed on tour with MC Lars, YTCracker, and mc chris. Apologies for the poor sound quality, recorded on my iPhone with my thumb over the mic as a deadener.

iGeneration unoficial video

Unofficial video for MC Lars’ iGeneration made using old footage of our friends

pointless minecraft 1 – Do the bruce cambell !

just a random minecraft vid with the song “do the bruce cambell” by MC Lars

They Call Me Jak Majik…

They call me jak majik and i ain’t got no hoes when i get high it’s with a sharpie up my nose when i’m up in the school i be doing really good but i’m still a little scared to walk through the hood you know, i don’t get laid, but i get paid cuz [...]

Going back to Windows Vista

Alrighty, my recovery discs came from Acer today so I decided to go back to the OS I love, Vista. There are many reasons why I switched back that I might go into later (now that my webcam works I think I’ll do the video sometime very soon) In case you care I’ll be uploading [...]