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Ostatni mit odc.9 1/3

Odcinek 9 serialu składającego się z 18 odcinków. Polskie napisy. Tytuł odcinka: NA TEJ NIEZNANEJ WOJNIE. Film nakręcono z uczestnictwem i na podstawie książek Wiktora Suworowa. Tytuł oryginału: ПОСЛЕДНИЙ МИФ

Sip Sumthin

Livewire Records Presents Shady Nate, Jay Jonah, & Lil Blood Music Video Filmed and Directed by Mizzal, in association with Skrilla Films

Livewire 2009

Changed my method of training over past month or two inspired by people like Phil, Neil, Jan, Callum LS, Andrea, Blue, Tempest, Callum P, Danny, Jenx, Erin, Scott J. Been finding and training a lot more plyometric and stride missions and it has strengthened my jump by about a foot! Anyway this vid is a [...]

shady nate

j stalin shady nate livewire takeover concert in modesto

3. J-Bands Exercises

Alan Jaeger explains the use of J-Bands™ surgical tubing in arm care exercises. This “pre-hab” prevents arm injuries in pitchers. For more information and to order J-Bands™ visit All materials copyright 2008, Jaeger Sports