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80′s Commercials Vol. 59

These commercials aired on Chico CBS affiliate KHSL on October 15th, 1988. 1. CBS Saturday Rocks Bumper 2. SpaghettiOs (This ad freaks me out) 3. Purr-tenders (The fact that the supposed “mouse” is the size of a cat tells me that this girl may not be the sharpest crayon in the box) 4. CBS Saturday [...]

Young Buck – Taped Phone Conversation[50 Cent Diss]

Young Buck

DITC “Diggin’ In The Crates” With Dj Souliva Episode 13

DITC Episode #13. OOOOHHH this one starts of with the beautiful Common sample for Testify then goes into some others like, Pharcyde Passin me by, 2Pac How Do You Want It, 2Pac Pain (one of my fav Pac Joints), Royce Da 59 Who Am I, Hi-C 2 Ada Time, Some Mary J. Blige, Jay-Z, Children [...]

DJ Zoe Routine (Pure & Groovy Turntablism) Front View

DJ Zoe Routine (Pure & Groovy Turntablism) Power To The People and Beats @Gland cafe Osaka Japan 2007/5/23

AMP Around Asia – DiCE & k9/ MOBBSTARR part2 of 5

Channel V AMP Around Asia featuring DiCE & k9/ MOBBSTARR aired July 29, 2008