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The Decemberists “Eli, the barrow boy”

A video for the song Eli, the barrow boy by The Decemberists. I made it as a project for school. It’s a story of doomed love. Enjoy! Any comments are welcome, even if you hated it.


Flipper (17 May 1996) movie trailer Sandy Ricks is sent by his mom to Coral Key, a rustic island in the Florida keys, to spend the summer with his uncle Porter Ricks. Sandy dislikes everything about his new environment until a new friend comes into his life, a dolphin named Flipper, that brings uncle and [...]

Slug and Mac Lethal – Overkill

One of my favorite songs. I didn’t know this (thank you zombiefucker123), but this song is actually off an album under the label Beyond Space Entertainment. Here’s the link to the album: Thanks for listening.

Folk & Stress – Quiet feat. Aesop Rock

Folk & Stress – The Box (2009)

Sleep Walk DeethePoet (wu-tang icecream)

*All Copyrights to go Raekwon/Wu-tang/The RZA* Sleep Walk Lyrics as a kid i kept a separable style, hugest imagination fore-mated kept thoughts in the clouds, those lil stories elders spoke to the kids?..was transparent to vision, every image towards my think made collision, my mind capacity so open time motion the skies, im at a [...]